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Below is an index of the books I have published. You will see that the illustrator of each book has an individual style. Their interpretation of the story has always been a delightful surprise. An illustrator can tell his or her own little story within the main story, by adding whimsical touches throughout. This adds to the humour and gives more points of discussion between the children and the reader.


  • Parakeet in Boots
  • The Three Cattle Dogs Gruff
  • The Frog Footy Player
  • Trev and the Kauri Tree
  • A Kiwi Christmas
  • The Little Blue Duck
  • Esau the Paw
  • Madison Moon and the Hot Air Balloon
  • Goldie and the Three Penguins
  • Giraffe Attack!
  • The Elves and the Cloakmaker
  • Hesters's Blister
  • The Mayor's Flash New Clothes
  • Little Red and the Cunning Kuri
  • Cindy and the Lost Jandal

Kiwi Corkers Gift Bag Collection - Kiwi Corkers Series

Kiwi Corkers Gift Bag Collection Authors – Chris Gurney, Yvonne Morrison
Illustrators – Myles Lawford, John Bennett, Stevie Mahardhika, Donovan Bixley, Dave Gunson
Publisher - Scholastic NZ – 2016
Paperback – ISBN 9781775434269

Retelling traditional tales is not a revolutionary idea, but giving them all a Kiwi flavour has proved a popular formula for the Kiwi Corker series. Originally all published in hardback, we are now reintroducing the books with new paperback cover designs. Five Kiwified tales are included in this attractively designed kete of favourite books.

Titles include:

The Three Cattle Dogs Gruff by Chris Gurney & Myles Lawford
The Frog Footie Player by Chris Gurney & John Bennett
The Little Blue Duck by Chris Gurney & Stevie Mahardhika
The Tuatara & the Skink by Yvonne Morrison & Donovan Bixley
The Ugly Hatchling by Yvonne Morrison & Dave Gunson


Opening up the bag my excitement grew as I pulled out 5 awesome kiwi tales based on classic stories, each one inviting you in with bright colourful illustrations. Flipping through the books and looking at all the pictures I was in love, each page was as delightful as the last and every illustration full of native New Zealand animals. I also love the size of the books they are smaller than most making them perfect for little hands... read more
Kiwi Reviews

Reading these retellings is a fun way to enjoy the stories and reflect on the differences, mostly with the addition of heaps of humour. A very kiwi feel to each story with tuataras, kiwis, and pukeko too. A nice gift to send to family and friends overseas.
I am reminded of Albert Einstein’s quote about fairy tales.
"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."... read more
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Write your own Kiwi Corker Story. Download this story planner and plan your own Kiwi version of a fairy tale or traditional tale. When you've done the outline, you can write the whole story, using your great imagination!

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