Chris Gurney
Goldie and the Three Penguins

While on a walk, Goldie smells the irresistible aroma of fresh fish and chips. Since there's no one home at the Penguin household, she goes in and helps herself. Dad's food is too hot, Mum's is too cold ... but guess what? Baby's is just right.
"My oh my, this is really kapai!" is Goldie's catchphrase throughout the story.
A fun Kiwi retelling of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Illustrated by Sarah Anderson in her individual quirky style. Goldie's string hair is ingenious!


Sarah Anderson has illustrated three of my picture books*, and I was constantly amazed at her whimsical artwork. She creates the illustrations by combining digital painting and digital collage. I particularly love the innovative way she scanned string to portray Goldie's hair in the story, giving the pictures a three-dimensional look. At the end, we see her run to her mum who also has crazy hair created by scanning wool.
* Goldie and the Three Penguins, Little Red and the Cunning Kuri and Hester's Blister

  • Goldie and the Three Penguins
  • Goldie and the Three Penguins
Goldie and the Three Penguins - Page 2-3
Goldie and the Three Penguins - Page 4-5


With the help of several after school programmes, I had many audiences to read this book to and gauge their responses. The audiences were quite diverse not only in age range, but with an exciting range of cultural richness. Children from South Africa, Samoa, Somalia, France and one delightful boy recently arrived from China, who could not speak English... read more
Booksellers NZ

One of the latest titles in the popular Kiwi Corkers series, this hardback book presents an amusing and ultra-modern take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldie sets off to buy a jelly-tip ice-cream but is lured by the smell of fish and chips to the house of the three Penguins... read more
Kids Books NZ

An amusing adaptation of the Goldilocks tale to suit Southern Hemisphere younsters. After all, Kiwi kids are likely to know more about penguins than bears. The bright and bouncy rhyme takes young Goldie on a lively adventure. It's a sunny day and she sets off to buy an ice cream when she is stopped in her tracks... read more


Which order do these events happen in the story?

Help Goldie find her way home from the Three Penguins house, safe into her Mum's arms.

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Goldie and the Three Penguins
Goldie and the Three Penguins
Illustrated by Sarah Neliswe Anderson
Publisher Scholastic New Zealand, 2012
ISBN Hardback 9781775430438
Age 3-7
Year Level Pre-School, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2
RRP Hardback $19.00
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