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Kiki Kiwi and Friends - The Travelling Trash

Kiki Kiwi ran through the bush on his speedy little legs.
He was in a hurry to meet his friends for a picnic.
"OUCH!" he cried, tripping over something.
He looked around him, seeing a pile of empty cans dumped on the track.
Some had dangerous sharp edges which could hurt unsuspecting animals.
"What litter critter would do this?" he exclaimed.
"Why can't everyone DO THE RIGHT THING?"

This story was written on commission for ‘Keep New Zealand Beautiful’. It is an A3 spiral-bound book which is available to schools to educate children about the importance of putting litter in the bin. There are valuable educational resources which go with the story. Any individual can also buy the books from the Keep NZ Beautiful website, to use at home.

Kiki Kiwi Kiki Kiwi

Kiki Kiwi and Friends - Travelling Trash
Kiki Kiwi and Friends - Travelling Trash
Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird
Publisher Keep New Zealand Beautiful
ISBN - 9780473440312
RRP Spiral Bound Book $10.00
RRP Educational Resource Kit $25

Where to buy this book Where to buy this resource kit

Ka Pai

The school bus bumped and swayed long the roads until it rached its destination – the big museum in the city. The teacher, Mr Kerewaro, stood at the front. "Listen everyone!" he called above the chatter. "there are many things to see at the museum, but today we want to find out more about the early migrants who came to New Zealand. See how many nationalities you can find.

The story was written on commission for HIPPY to highlight the multicultural environment of NZ and the migrant journey coming here.

HIPPY (Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters) is a home-based programme that helps parents create experiences that lay the foundation for their children’s success in school and later life.

Where can you find HIPPY?

Ka Pai - Page 18-19
Ka Pai - Page 22

Ka Pai
Ka Pai
Illustrated by Myles Lawford
Publisher Great Potentials Foundation
ISBN - 9780473467760
Book only available through HIPPY programme

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